Quirk & Bakalor


Quirk and Bakalor, P.C. successfully prosecuted a medical malpractice action against a prominent New York City hospital.

The plaintiff had been under the defendant’s care when a Jejunal feeding tube (“J-Tube”) was inserted into her intestine to facilitate nutrition and hydration issues associated with an impending pregnancy. Contrary to the defendant’s representations, this procedure had never been done before. Once pregnant, the plaintiff endured several months of severe pain, life threatening complications, multiple surgeries and extensive hospitalization. Plaintiff argued that the placement of the J-Tube in her intestine was the direct cause of all the injuries, in that once her uterus began to grow, it was well established in the medical community that her intestines would be pushed up higher than their usual location, causing strain on the site where the J-Tube as affixed, which ultimately pulled away from her intestine, causing a slow and progressive leak into her abdominal cavity. This leak ultimately created numerous life threatening problems for plaintiff and her baby.

The jury came back with a seven figure verdict. After judgment was entered but prior to any appeal, the case was settled for a seven figure number.

The Quirk and Bakalor litigator was partner Liza R. Fleissig.