Quirk & Bakalor


Quirk and Bakalor's appellate team of highly seasoned attorneys possess the unique set of tactical, analytical, research, writing and oral argument skills which appellate cases demand. Collectively, the attorneys in this Practice Area have an extensive and successful track record arguing complex appeals in federal and state appellate courts, including the New York State Court of Appeals and various federal Circuit Courts of Appeal. As such, we understand the essential elements of an appeal and how appellate judges approach and decide cases. We handle appellate cases of all types including matters that originate within the firm as well as those that are specifically referred to us only for appeal. In all engagements, we diligently work to promote the interests of our clients.

Our appellate attorneys are often introduced to cases at the pre-trial and trial stages to identify and preserve issues that are likely to be useful in appeals. Early collaboration between trial and appellate attorneys affords us the opportunity to frame and develop cohesive legal strategies to ensure the greatest chance of success at all phases.

The attorneys in the Appellate Practice Area represent clients from virtually all industries, including aviation, construction, financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, product design, manufacturing and real estate development. In connection with these matters, we prepare appellate motions, write and review briefs, research and analyze issues and argue appeals. Our attorneys also guide clients through the procedural aspects of the appellate process.